We believe in the power of leadership and management to transform people and businesses.

About Us

We have experience in working with clients across private, public and not-for-profit entities and across a range of sectors and sizes in Bermuda, Cayman and the UK.

Understanding your organization is our specialty

Each client has unique requirements. We work deeply to understand the challenge each client is facing.

As business owners, we take pride in being able to place ourselves in the ‘shoes of our client’, sharing our ideas and providing pragmatic advice based on our own experience.
We have high quality standards and deep experience. We select and develop a diverse pool of Consulting Associates who have deep experience in their fields and share our values. As a result of the quality standard consistently achieved through our program management, delivery content and highly qualified Trainers, Assessors and Coaches, Management Solutions has attained Direct Claim Status for our portfolio of Accredited ILM Programs.
Not a 'one solution fits all’. Each client has unique requirements. We work deeply to understand the challenge each client is facing. Our Programs are specifically linked to the organization’s goals and tailored to their specific cultural and organizational objectives.
We have a flexible approach.  We can deliver internationally accredited and proven programs to the client. We also deliver bespoke services, working with organizations of all sectors and sizes.
We believe in partnering since no individual or organization has all of the answers. We work with other organizations and consulting groups to provide expertise, if needed.
We continually evolve our services.  The current pandemic as well as our mandate to continually enhance our services has led to developments in our delivery approach and Program content to best support clients in the face of current challenges.

Our Practice Areas

We are a trusted business advisor with the experience to provide business owners and organizations with advice and support in the following three areas:

Organizational & Leadership Development

We assist organizations by supporting in defining, developing and embedding leadership and management capabilities required for success.

Transaction Support, Facilitation & Strategic Planning

We provide advice on acquisition, restructuring and divestiture as well as supporting facilitation and planning exercises. Our strategy involves understanding client requirements and providing tailored support to meet the client’s unique set of objectives and circumstances.

Startup Support

We advise on all aspects of a new venture and draw on our own experience of successes and challenges with start-ups to provide practical advice that increases the probability of success.

Organizational & Leadership Development

Through partnering with international accreditation body, the Institute of Leadership & Management, we offer internationally recognised Leadership and Management Programmes for groups of Leaders within client organisations, as well as customised Leadership Development Services tailored to the individual.

Transaction Support, Facilitation and Strategic Planning

We provide advice on acquisition, restructuring and divestiture. Our strategy involves understanding client requirements, giving practical and balanced advice on all options and providing a road map and negotiation support with all stakeholders in a transaction. We can introduce specialists, as necessary, to assist in particular aspects of a transaction.

For facilitation and planning exercises, we do not use a standard template or approach. We treat each client on an individual basis and tailor the exercise to meet the client’s unique set of objectives and circumstances. Where we have experience in a client’s industry sector, we can add our own experience in providing realistic outcomes.

Startup Support

We have broad experience in start-ups and can assist with business planning, implementation and financing advice. We advise on all aspects of a new venture:

  • Business plan development and review
  • Viability assesment
  • Financing options
  • Market research and competitive positioning
  • Marketing and branding
  • Implementation and project planning

Core Team

As well as our core team, our expertise and knowledge comes through our team of consultants and coaches, and selective, trusted partners.

Our expert delivery team is hand-picked based on our clients’ needs from a broad range of backgrounds and disciplines. Our relationships are long-standing and it is the breadth and depth of our combined experience and our shared values that set us apart.