We believe in the power of leadership and management to transform people and businesses.

We believe in the power of strong leadership to transform people and businesses

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We are a trusted business advisor working with clients across private, public and not-for-profit entities and across a range of sectors and sizes in Bermuda, Cayman and the UK.

Our Practice Areas

We provide business owners and organizations with advice and support in the following three areas:

Organizational & Leadership Development

Transaction Support, Facilitation & Strategic Planning

Startup Support

Organizational & Leadership Development

Through partnering with international accreditation body, the Institute of Leadership & Management, we offer internationally recognized Leadership and Management Programs for groups of Leaders within client organizations, as well as customized Leadership Development Services tailored to the individual.

Transaction Support, Facilitation and Strategic Planning

We provide advice on acquisition, restructuring and divestiture. Our strategy involves understanding client requirements, giving practical and balanced advice on all options and providing a road map and negotiation support with all stakeholders in a transaction. We can introduce specialists, as necessary, to assist in particular aspects of a transaction.

For facilitation and planning exercises, we do not use a standard template or approach. We treat each client on an individual basis and tailor the exercise to meet the client’s unique set of objectives and circumstances. Where we have experience in a client’s industry sector, we can add our own experience in providing realistic outcomes.

Startup Support

We have broad experience in start-ups and can assist with business planning, implementation and financing advice. We advise on all aspects of a new venture:

  • Business plan development and review
  • Viability assessment

  • Financing options

  • Market research and competitive positioning

  • Product development roadmap

  • Sales, pricing, revenue streams

  • Marketing and branding

  • Implementation and project planning

Organizational and Leadership Development

Our broad unit-based Qualifications portfolio offers unrivalled choice and flexibility. This enables us to work with our clients in building and adapting programs that are tailored to their organization's specific management development priorities.

"The training was so successful that we launched it for all of our leaders"

Full Courses
Short Courses
Individualized Services

Accredited Leadership & Management Courses

We've partnered with ILM, the UK's largest Management Body, to deliver industry leading Qualifications, helping leaders and managers develop the critical skills to succeed.
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Effective Leadership Development

This program is for Individuals in a leadership role at any level within an organization who wish to develop self-awareness and apply leadership insights to make their role more effective.
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High Performance Customer Service

This Program is for individuals who are required to meet customer needs in their day to day role, across a range of sectors from hospitality to professional services, and wanting to develop their customer service capability.
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Executive Coaching

Our client driven approach to Coaching is designed to support Leaders looking for tailored support to accelerate leadership competencies in order to more effectively deliver on key organizational objectives.
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Personality Insights

For leaders seeking to develop in depth self-awareness with profound personal development and to gain a clear picture of how they are perceived and how they can work most effectively with others.
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What our Clients say

"The training was so successful that we launched it for all of our leaders to get them speaking the same language... I would recommend Management Solution’s Leadership Development Program to all employers looking to effectively develop their people."
Learning & Development Specialist, Ascendant
“Taking part in this Program has been an excellent experience and I truly appreciate the Management Solutions team for their support, feedback and the knowledge gained. It has inspired me and given me the right tools to move forward in becoming a better manager and leader.”
Learner, BHB
“The timing of this Developing Effective Leadership Program could not have been better, and I have already been able to use skills acquired to great effect in my day-to-day.”
Learner, Clarien

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