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Full Accredited Leadership Programs

Organizations that place priority on effective learning and development see a direct positive impact on overall operations and employee experience.
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9/10 leaders
Were able to apply the skills learnt through ILM to their day-to-day job role and recommend the programs
88% of employers
Say their business was immediately positively impacted by ILM training programs
94% of employers
Would recommend ILM to another organization looking to improve Leadership and Management skills

Leadership & Management Qualifications

Our broad unit-based Qualifications portfolio offers unrivalled choice and flexibility. This enables us to work with our clients in building and adapting programs that are tailored to their organization's specific management development priorities.

We partner with ILM, the UK's largest Management Body with industry leading Qualifications. Every year ILM qualifies 70,000+ Leaders and Managers, helping them to develop the critical skills to succeed.

Management Solutions are a licensed ILM Delivery Centre and deliver qualifications internationally across all sectors of industry, offering ILM Leadership and Management Qualifications for all career levels from new Team Leaders to Senior Executives.

We assist organizations by supporting in defining, developing and embedding leadership and management capabilities required for success.

Benefits for Organizations

Organizations that place priority on effective learning and development see a direct positive impact on overall operations and employee experience.

Programs are tailored to the organization’s business objectives and priorities

We work with clients to help measure and prove the impact of investment in developing leadership skills

Assignments are linked to current projects, tasks, and initiatives within the Learner's organization; organizations derive direct benefit for the development

Clarity of the curriculum enables the organization to know exactly what development its Learners are receiving

The undertaking of an ILM program can assist with talent management, career planning and matching management competence to the needs of the business.

Program content has been updated to take into consideration the new ways in which staff have to work and lead remotely

Benefits for Leaders

Our range of qualifications can help individuals at all stages of their career, from aspiring Team Leaders through to Senior Executives.

Participants develop around challenges that are real to their organization and that Managers face in today’s working environment

Participants apply new practices within the context of their own work culture

Our Leadership competency self-assessment tool enables Leaders to take ownership for their development

ILM qualifications are a proven route to improving performance, communication skills and the ability to motivate and inspire people

Achieve an internationally recognised professional qualification

Receive membership with ILM and access to a wide range of Specialist support and materials

Learners can progress through the various levels of the ILM qualifications

Leadership & Management Qualifications

Management Solutions offers industry-recognized ILM leadership and management qualifications for all career levels.

Whether leading a team for the first time or preparing to step up to Senior Management, ILM can assist with developing the skills, knowledge and personal abilities required for success. 

The innovative design of ILM qualifications means progression can be fast-tracked with targeted training to meet precise needs. Further, ILM qualifications are a proven route to improving performance, communication skills and the ability to motivate and inspire people – making managers better at their jobs.
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Aims to provide new and aspiring Team Leaders an in-depth introduction to the role and responsibilities required by a Team Leader.


Certificate in Leadership & Management
Aims to give practising Line Managers the foundation for their formal development in this role by developing basic management skills and assisting participants in gaining the basic knowledge required by a Manager.


Certificate & Diploma in Leadership & Management
Aims to help practising Middle Managers develop their skills and experience, improve their performance and prepare for Senior Management responsibilities.


Diploma in Executive Management
Designed for Senior Executives, this qualification provides Senior Managers with the knowledge to gain confident decision-making skills and the ability to lead through change in this role.

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ILM Level 2
Certificate in:
Team Leading
ILM Level 3
Certificate in:
Leadership & Management
ILM Level 5
Certificate in:
Leadership & Management
ILM Level 7
Certificate or Diploma in:
Leadership & Management

Who is it for?

New and aspiring Team Leaders


To enable participants to be effective at leading their teams in a professional and motivational manner.

Sample Topics

  • Developing Yourself as a Team Leader

  • Leading your Team

  • Developing your Team

  • Effective Workplace Communication

  • Setting Team Objectives

  • Induction and Coaching

  • Understanding Innovation and Change

Who is it for?

Newly appointed and practicing Middle Managers


To provide participants with a range of key leadership and management skills to enable them to motivate and engage their team members effectively.

Sample Topics

  • Understanding Leadership

  • Developing Your Leadership Skills

  • Developing High Performance People

  • Effective Communication

  • Motivating Your Team

  • Managing Conflict

  • Solving Problems and Making Decisions

  • Planning and Leading Change & Innovation

  • Diversity in the Workplace

  • Understanding High Performance Customer Service

Who is it for?

Practicing Middle Managers preparing for Senior Management responsibilities and Senior Managers who have received minimal formal leadership development training


To enable participants to acquire and use core management techniques to drive better results and develop high performance teams.

Sample Topics

  • Assessing own Leadership & Adapting Your Style

  • Managing Stress and Conflict

  • Leading Innovation & Change through the Current Climate

  • Managing Customer Relations & Networking

  • Managing & Motivating your Team (including remotely)

  • Partnership Working

  • Effective Negotiation Skills

  • Making Professional Presentations & Remote Presentation Skills

  • Equality & Diversity

  • Managing Meetings

  • Coaching & Mentoring

Who is it for?

Practicing Senior Managers and Executive Team Members


To enable participants to develop their personal brand to create personal and organizational impact and perform at a high level of engagement with practice, innovation and critical thinking, whilst delivering the requirements of various stakeholders within an organization.

Sample Topics

Participants explore a range of strategic issues, investigating a specific leadership area of the business by designing and conducting a leadership enquiry bespoke to their own organization and analysing the impact on stakeholders.

Programs consist of:

  • An enquiry led evidence-based approach to developing leadership and management capability (Certificate & Diploma)

  • Developing, implementing and evaluating high-level, strategic, business cases (Diploma)

  • Maintaining a high-performance culture and optimizing resources (Diploma)

Approach to our Leadership & Management Accreditations

To embed the leadership development, we use a blended learning approach to capability build. Learning is evaluated at Individual, team and organizational levels so that the impact on your organization's objectives may be realized. Performance improvement is assessed by the below approaches in conjunction with your organization's internal assessment processes.

On the job assignments based on current projects and continuous improvement initiatives
Leadership competency self-evaluation
Individual & team presentations
Interactive workshops & real case studies
Theory on the latest leadership & management concepts
1:1 Mentoring

Investors in people

Investors in People is a Continuous Improvement Framework which has helped to improve the work-life of over 11 million people in 66 countries around the world.
Investors in People is a Continuous Business Improvement Framework and National Quality Standard 

Developed by a partnership of leading businesses and national organizations in the UK to support businesses through times of change and economic uncertainty, the Standard helps organizations improve performance and realize objectives through the management and development of their people.

Successfully used by organizations the world over, Investors in People is the only internationally recognized Framework that uses a ‘people oriented’ approach to business improvement.

Approach to Investors in People Accreditation

We start by assessing how well your organisation is doing against the framework and we can start advising you on how you can improve over time.

The model measures how well you’re doing at leading and supporting your people, compared to other companies in your industry, or of your size.


Creating Purpose
Accomplish Together
Sustainable success
Creating Purpose


Leaders are trusted members of the company. They clearly communicate the company’s objectives and motivate and inspire people to work towards them.
Living the organisations’ values and behaviours. Everyone, at every level works with the company’s values in mind all the time. And they have the courage and support to challenge anyone who isn’t doing the same.
Empowering and involving people. There’s a culture of trust and responsibility in the company. Each person feels ownership over their role, and empowered to make decisions.
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Accomplish together


Managing Performance. Leaders and people alike set the right objectives, track their progress and act on other people’s feedback.
Rewarding and recognising high performance. The company rewards people when they do well. People feel motivated to always do their best work.
Structuring work. Each role is designed in a way that works towards the company’s objectives, is rewarding and encourages collaboration.
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Sustainable success


Building capability. Leaders develop their people and make sure they’re given everything they need to thrive at work. And the company hires the right people, at the right time, for the right roles.
Delivering continuous improvement. The company is always looking for ways to improve. Leaders will look beyond their industry for inspiration, and any new approaches they find are welcomed by a culture that encourages innovation.
Creating sustainable success. Leaders are aware of how the world around their company is changing over time, and are making the right internal changes to not just keep up, but stay ahead.
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What are the benefits?

Investors in People

Your people are your most valuable commodity. Central to the success of any organization – whatever their size or sector – is the right blend of talent, motivation and leadership.

And for this reason, investing in your people is not only the right thing to do, it’s proven to be essential in delivering sustainable results, especially in a crisis. Organizations that lead, support and develop their workforce effectively are 17% more productive and 21% more profitable.
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Gain detailed insight into how well you are currently leading, supporting and developing your workforce to achieve business results
Help and advice from an expert practitioner to help you develop an action plan designed to build on your strengths and tackle the areas where you can improve
Measure the impact of your people strategy and initiatives and how they benefit your people.
Attract better talent.  Stand out from other employers. Our accreditation is a recognition of you putting your people first.
Online survey and face-to-face interviews (that can be done remotely) to gather valuable information from your people
An action plan designed to support the evolution of your strategy
Standard, silver, gold and platinum  award levels, valid for three years
12 and 24-month check-ins with your practitioner

Investors in People and Management Solutions

Management Solutions can provide Consultants who are specialized Investors in People Advisors and work with organizations to take them through the four-stage process from diagnostic to successful Accreditation and beyond.

We provide three core services:

  • We identify companies who want to take the accreditation journey to Investors in People and provide advisory support to enable these companies to attain accreditation.
  • When organizations are ready to be assessed for accreditation, we provide qualified Assessors to perform the assessment process.
  • In between assessment periods (every three years), we stay in touch with our clients with an annual interim review to ensure they are prepared for pending assessments.