We believe in the power of leadership and management to transform people and businesses.
Global Food Packaging Specialist
Northern Ireland


“Thank you for all your help and support. I’m very pleased to have completed the Leadership Development Program. It was both challenging and a pleasure to participate. I am now aware of so many leadership tools that I did not know existed before, and have an understanding of their importance and how they can change my role.”

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Greiner Packaging

Greiner Packaging in Ltd Northern Ireland, with presence in 30 countries worldwide, have been producing sustainable plastic packaging for 60 years. 


Greiner identified potential ‘future leaders’ within the organisation and engaged Management Solutions to design a Programme which would provide the knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary to lead high performing teams now and for the future.

Our role

During 2019, Management Solutions successfully led a group of Supervisors to achieve their ILM Level 3 Certificates in Leadership & Management. Management Solutions has also worked closely with the Senior Management Team using Insights Discovery Profiling throughout the team to improve how they engaged with each other in order to strengthen teamwork and deliver the strategic objectives of the organisation.  As a result of the successful outcomes of using this tool Greiner has embedded Insights Discovery Profiles into their recruitment process for Managers coming into the organisation.