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Electric Utility Services Company


“One of the best things for our employees is the workshop delivery that allows for collaboration and teamwork by participants who would not always have had an opportunity to work so closely together. We are proud to have partnered with Management Solutions to deliver the Programs. They provide ongoing support throughout each level and a major benefit is the access for each participant to have a mentor who assists in completing assignments which is required to evaluate learning. The knowledge, flexibility and support provided by the entire team is phenomenal and our employee are often amazed by this.”

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Caribbean Utilities Company Ltd (CUC) has been the only public electric utility in Grand Cayman since 1966.

Our role

In 2015, Management Solutions began working with CUC to deliver leadership development which would meet the overarching priorities of the business. Over the past 5 years we have delivered numerous Level 2, 3 and 5 Programmes within CUC supporting Foremen, Supervisors and Managers to have the skills and knowledge to deliver the organization’s objectives effectively in the future. Management Solutions has also been instrumental in CUC’s Investors in People journey and after achieving Gold Level Accreditation in 2017. We are delighted that in August 2020 the organization was awarded the Higher Gold Standard in the new framework.