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What is Investors in People?

Investors in People is a Continuous Business Improvement Framework and National Quality Standard that was developed to support businesses through times of change and economic uncertainty using recognized best practices. Developed in 1990 by a partnership of leading businesses and national organizations in the UK, the Standard helps organizations improve performance and realize objectives through the management and development of their people

Successfully used by organizations in over 70 countries and translated into 30 languages, Investors in People is the only internationally recognized Framework that uses a ‘people oriented’ approach to business improvement.

Benefits to Your Organization

Investors in People focusses your organization in key areas to enhance the performance and development of your team.


Creating purpose in a changing environment whilst motivating through change have become essential skills for many roles. High performing organizations foster leadership skills at every level to deliver outstanding results. The Leading Indicators explore the clarity of vision and purpose and how well leaders in the organization inspire employees to perform.


For many, constant change is the new normal. Sustainable organizations use flatter structures to enable faster decision-making, agility and customer focus. The Standard explores the way in which people are supported to perform. This is through the way jobs are designed, reward is structured, performance is managed and the autonomy people have to make decisions.


Constant adaptation, flexibility and continuous improvement feature heavily in the best organizations. A philosophy of continuous improvement is at the heart of the Investors in People Standard. Being a sustainable organization means developing capabilities, resources and plans for tomorrow. It means fostering innovation to constantly find new ways to achieve the ambition of the organization.

Investors in People uses a flexible approach that ties the development of your team members into the objectives and key performance indicators of the organization. It ensures that your development is in line with your organization’s goals and that people development strategies improve your bottom line.

Investors in People and Management Solutions

Management Solutions is the Quality Centre for Investors in People in Bermuda. We are licenced by Investors in People International to promote and oversee Investors in People activities in the region.
We also undertake Investors in People advisory work in a number of other jurisdictions and are working with a number of organizations to achieve accreditation. We have a highly qualified team of Specialists in Bermuda and the UK.
Specifically, we provide three core services:

  • We identify companies who want to take the accreditation journey to Investors in People and provide advisory support to enable these companies to attain accreditation.
  • When organizations are ready to be assessed for accreditation, we provide qualified Assessors to perform the assessment process.
  • In between assessment periods (every three years), we stay in touch with our clients with an annual interim review to ensure they are prepared for pending assessments.

The following Bermuda and Caribbean based organizations currently have Investors in People accreditation:

  • The Argus Group (Gold)
  • Bacardi Ltd (Gold)
  • BF&M Insurance (Gold)
  • Caribbean Utilities Company (Silver)
  • Container Ship Management
  • KPMG Bermuda (Gold)
  • KPMG Cayman (Gold)
  • Rosedon Hotel
  • The Department of Workforce Development Bermuda (Gold)
  • SteppingStones Cayman (Gold)
We also undertake Investors in People advisory work in a number of jurisdictions.